She’s Mom Incorporated: Lindsay Joly, Mom Blogger

Lindsay Joly didn’t set out to be a professional blogger. A talented writer who had a book published at the age of 17, Joly was no stranger to the written word. But now instead of fiction, she has taken to capturing the story of her life as a mom. Through You Are The Roots, Linsday Joly is blogging her way through first-time motherhood with photographs, personal anecdotes, product reviews, and giveaways.

Though she may not have intended to become an entrepreneur, Joly has found her hobby has now grown into a business that she can enjoy while caring for her now two-year-old son.

MomIncorporated: When you started your blog did you know right away that you were going to turn it into a profit-earning business? 

Linsday: When I first started my blog, I did so as a means to document my first pregnancy in great detail, both for myself and for friends and family who lived out of state. It was a great place to keep the information overload from doctor’s appointments, weekly “belly growth” photographs and just my feelings in general to have to look back on and reflect. As my pregnancy continued, followed by my son’s birth and now his current toddlerhood, it sort of turned into something more. It wasn’t until my son was almost one that I decided to accept paid advertisements on my blog. Continue reading