She’s Mom, Incorporated: Jackie Ekholm, Moo Chocolates

Jackie Ekholm started MOO Chocolates, an organic children’s chocolate company, out of her home with her three kids when they were just teenagers. Inspired by Swiss chocolates, they wanted to create premium delicious, organic, whole milk chocolates with healthy ingredients, such as crunchy grains and cereals, in the United States – all without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, food additives or genetically modified organisms. Today, MOO products are sold in approximately 600 major retailers, cafes, and specialty food stores nationwide.


MomIncorporated: What inspired you to start Moo Chocolates?
Jackie: My children and I came up with the idea while vacationing in Switzerland.  They asked me “why I only bought chocolates when we were there.”  When I stopped to think about it, I realized it was because all the chocolates I bought in Switzerland were full of real foods!!  No additives, colors, or preservatives…just delicious premium chocolate. Continue reading