She’s Mom, Incorporated: Kim Gellman, Artistic Sensations

Kim Gellman is the entrepreneurial mom behind Artistic Sensations, a kids room design boutique for made-to-order products allowing customers to choose colors, furniture style and theme to fit any personality. She started the company when she was pregnant with her first son and is now celebrating it’s seventeenth year of business!

MomIncorporated: How did Artistic Sensations get started and how has it grown since inception?
I started my business in 1996 when I was pregnant with my first son out of wanting to find American, hand made, high quality products. I started out of my basement selling baby blankets, step stools and small hand-painted furniture items. I went to local shows at hospitals, country clubs, and mom’s homes selling my wares. My customers wanted more items. If they bought a step stool, they wanted artwork and bedding to match and so my business grew from 100 items to 500 in a short time. I decided to launch a website later that year. The following year I added another 500 items in bedding, bunk beds and more artwork and items for my customers from floor to ceiling.  We continued to add and now have over 4,000 items. Continue reading