She’s Mom, Incorporated: Jackie Ekholm, Moo Chocolates

Jackie Ekholm started MOO Chocolates, an organic children’s chocolate company, out of her home with her three kids when they were just teenagers. Inspired by Swiss chocolates, they wanted to create premium delicious, organic, whole milk chocolates with healthy ingredients, such as crunchy grains and cereals, in the United States – all without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, food additives or genetically modified organisms. Today, MOO products are sold in approximately 600 major retailers, cafes, and specialty food stores nationwide.


MomIncorporated: What inspired you to start Moo Chocolates?
Jackie: My children and I came up with the idea while vacationing in Switzerland.  They asked me “why I only bought chocolates when we were there.”  When I stopped to think about it, I realized it was because all the chocolates I bought in Switzerland were full of real foods!!  No additives, colors, or preservatives…just delicious premium chocolate. Continue reading

She’s Mom Incorporated: Lindsay Joly, Mom Blogger

Lindsay Joly didn’t set out to be a professional blogger. A talented writer who had a book published at the age of 17, Joly was no stranger to the written word. But now instead of fiction, she has taken to capturing the story of her life as a mom. Through You Are The Roots, Linsday Joly is blogging her way through first-time motherhood with photographs, personal anecdotes, product reviews, and giveaways.

Though she may not have intended to become an entrepreneur, Joly has found her hobby has now grown into a business that she can enjoy while caring for her now two-year-old son.

MomIncorporated: When you started your blog did you know right away that you were going to turn it into a profit-earning business? 

Linsday: When I first started my blog, I did so as a means to document my first pregnancy in great detail, both for myself and for friends and family who lived out of state. It was a great place to keep the information overload from doctor’s appointments, weekly “belly growth” photographs and just my feelings in general to have to look back on and reflect. As my pregnancy continued, followed by my son’s birth and now his current toddlerhood, it sort of turned into something more. It wasn’t until my son was almost one that I decided to accept paid advertisements on my blog. Continue reading

She’s Mom, Incorporated: Sonal Gerten, Tumblewalla

Minneapolis mom, Sonal Gerten, founded Tumblewalla, an Indian-inspired line of brightly colored organic cotton play wear for babies and toddlers, which she runs out of her home while caring for her now three-year-old son. Serious about play, she also created the Tumble & Tickle Movement, a philanthropical arm of the company that donates 5% from every item purchased to global nonprofit partners that make play happen for children around the world. 

MomIncorporated: What inspired you to start Tumblewalla?
Sonal: When I was pregnant with my son, I, like most moms, wanted to find distinctive, colorful and cozy clothes for my baby but everything for boys was in brown and blacks or had skulls and cross-bones on it – not what I was looking for!

At the time, I was intrigued by this nugget of a business idea but it didn’t feel right in my gut yet.  It wasn’t until after I gave birth when I found it incredibly difficult to just enjoy the moment, laugh and be playful with my son, that I realized I could stand for something bigger than just the clothes – I wanted to help families be more in the moment and celebrate the whimsy and joys of being a child. This led to the beginnings of Tumblewalla and our Tumble and Tickle Movement.   I strongly believe every child has a RIGHT to play and enjoy their childhood no matter where they live or their economic situation and this belief is the vision that fuels my work each day.

Continue reading

She’s Mom, Incorporated: Dee Wanger, Ridekick International

For almost two decades, Dee Wanger has pursued her career mostly through entrepreneurial endeavors, using her home as a primary base. A mom raising two daughters, Dee founded her regional science museum (now – while also working from home as a publication production professional.

After teaching elementary school while her daughters were in high school, Dee is now one of the founding members of Ridekick International, an innovative company that makes a motorized trailer that attaches to any bike and pushes the bicycle up to 19 mph for a distance of 10 miles. 

MomIncorporated: Tell us about Ridekick International and your role with the company.
DEE: We make motorized trailers that attach to and push bicycles up to 19 mph for distances of 10 – 30 miles.  It’s perfect for people who want to use bicycles for transportation and recreation (commuting, errand running, taking kids to activities) but aren’t strong enough, have physical limitations, or don’t want to arrive sweaty.  The Ridekick Child Trailer is our newest product that we’re excited to bring to the market.

I serve as “The Queen of Caulk” – filling in wherever there’s a need.  This can mean banking, marketing, office manager, sales, customer service, order fulfillment, purchasing, and janitorial staff.  My overarching role is as the culture development and assurance officer. Continue reading

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Our guest blogger this week is Stephanie Lee of Scratchpad Secretaries. We featured Stephanie in our book in the section about virtual assistants. She’s awesome, and here is some of her great advice!

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

You’ve finally gotten to the point in your business where it’s time to delegate some projects and tasks. Good for you! It’s exciting to be ready to take that 5 step in partnering up with a virtual assistant to take some of that administrative load off your plate (and your desk!). Continue reading