Mom, Incorporated Wins the Gold

No, this isn’t news of Olympic wins – although for us, it is pretty darn close!

The influential publishing world magazine and website Foreword has selected our book – Mom, Incorporated – as the Gold Book of the Year Award (BOTYA) winner for 2011 in the category of Career. We’re over the moon thrilled. This recognition was unexpected and incredibly validating of the long, hard work we put into the book content. We are grateful.

Ask any serious author and they will tell you that they pour their hearts and souls into each book they write, and for us, Mom, Incorporated was just that – filled with our own stories and the stories of many other women, all from the heart, honest and revealing. We worked hard to make sure that the more technical chapters – like the ones about finances and taxation for new businesses – had personality and soul so they were more compelling to read. (No easy task!)

We’ve heard from many of our readers that our book is not only inspiring them but that they keep it right at their desk and refer to it frequently. This is incredible for us to hear because it is what we set out to do and only dreamed would happen. We wanted to create a holistic, realistic guide to starting and growing a business from home with a baby or kids in your midst that would become an indispensable resource for women. And by adding the stories of dozens and dozens of moms across the country with thriving home-based businesses, we also set out to make our book more timeless and lasting.

We’d love your support getting the word about about Mom, Incorporated. We want to help more women with their dreams of starting a business from home. Here’s how you can help: Click here to tweet out a message. Or share our Facebook Page or posts with your friends. And if you haven’t picked up our book yet, you can do that here!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our book so far! We look forward to meeting more of you in the near future.

Mom Incorporated tour kicks off in South Florida

The Mom, Incorporated book tour kicked off on Friday, September 30, in South Florida. First stop for Aliza and Danielle was the NBC Miami studios for an on-air interview with Shiri Spear about Mom, Incorporated on the NBC Miami Today show.

Mom Incorporated on NBC Miami

Mom Incorporated on NBC Miami Today show

Mom Incorporated on NBC Miami with Shiri Spear

Aliza and Danielle with NBC Miami's Shiri Spear

Aliza and Danielle with the Chevy Volt

Aliza and Danielle with the Chevy Volt

More pictures from the South Florida stop on the tour coming soon!

She’s Mom Incorporated! Jennifer Covello, Frittabello

We recently reached out to a mom featured in Mom, Incorporated: Jennifer Covello, owner and founder of Frittabello, a collection of baby gifts designed to inspire and create treasured family memories.

In the book, she talks about how having a business plan is key to having a business, though at first she thought she could do it “all in her head.”

“I think not having a plan impacted me most financially. I did not have a firm grasp on the numbers. My business plan helped me see that I really needed to tie my marketing and sales activities to clear revenue goals.”

Here’s more on Jennifer’s journey to being Mom, Incorporated:

Mom Incorporated: When did you start your business and what inspired you to do so?

Jennifer Covello

Jennifer Covello: I started my business in January 2008 shortly after publishing my award-winning baby journal, My Life.  My inspiration was to create a brand that would not only having inspiring, mom-created products, but that would emphasize the importance of family and recording memories.

Mom Incorporated: What were some of your initial challenges setting up your business, and how did you overcome them? 

Jennifer: My initial challenge was deciding whether to self-publish my baby journal or seek out a publisher.  After much contemplation and discussion with colleagues and experts, I chose to self-publish.

Mom Incorporated: How have you carved out time to work and what kind of hours do you keep?

Jennifer: Because my children are school-age, my work schedule revolves around the school or camp day.  I do also put in time in the evenings and on weekends when needed, especially for events.

Mom Incorporated: How have you handled child care while running your business?

Jennifer: Since my children are school-age, there’s not a lot of need for child care unless I need to attend an event, in which case I either secure a babysitter or ask friends or neighbors to help out.

Mom Incorporated:
Where is your home office? Describe your setup, favorite equipment, and if you run your business online, any favorite software or apps.

Jennifer: My home office is in my home.  I use the desk that I had as a young girl and my laptop is my lifeline!  My favorite software is Constant Contact, as it helps me communicate and promote my products as well as serve as a mini-blog.

Mom Incorporated: What are some ongoing challenges of running your business from home? How are you working to overcome them?

Jennifer: The biggest challenge is staying motivated and “fresh.”  When you are a solopreneur, it can sometimes get lonely, and so I try to attend various networking events and give myself breaks now and then to stay motivated.

Mom Incorporated: What is your support network like — for your business and for you?

Jennifer: I belong to a wonderful network here in Fairfield County, Conn., for which I receive not only support but also sometimes business and leads.  I also have friends and colleagues that serve as my cheerleaders.

Mom Incorporated: What do you do for yourself apart from your business and your family?  

Jennifer: Not enough!  I am a Type A personality and so it’s tough for me to take a breath and relax, but I am working toward increasing my “fun time” in 2012!

Mom Incorporated: What advice would you give other women about starting a home-based business in general? Any specific advice about starting a business like yours?

Jennifer: My advice for starting any type of business, whether it’s at home or not, is to make sure you’ve done your homework!  Research your offering, competition, finances until you feel confident that you can make a go of it. Whatever time line you have planned for success, be sure it’s realistic and that you have a backup just in case.

Mom Incorporated: How do you market your business and what seems to work really well for you in terms of marketing?

Jennifer: I market my business through social media, events, press, and via my newsletters. Additionally, I blog and/or write articles for various online publications.  My attendance at networking events also helps to get the word out, but for the most part, it’s word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.  I also conceived the idea of a baby expo in Fairfield County — Bumps, Babies & Beyond and am the primary sponsor.  I regularly seek out PR/promo opportunities like a local TV show which featured not only my business in one segment, but also my just-launched baby journaling workshops, “Put Your Love on Paper.”  Lastly I teach small business workshops, and that is an indirect means to promote my business.

You can learn more about Jennifer and her company, Frittabello, at

Meet the Authors: Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman

Author and e-entrepreneur Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith, founder of and accomplished vlogger, have teamed up to write a warm, accessible and holistic guide for soon-to-be and stay-at-home moms who are looking to start and run a business from home.

For more information about the co-authors and new book, you can also read Danielle’s announcement as well as Aliza’s announcement.