Mom, Incorporated Is Available on Kindle

The answer is YES….as in ‘YES’, Mom, Incorporated is now available on Kindle.

We’ve been waiting and are thrilled to announce that today is the day.

The move to add the electronic version of our book was expedited after we made the request to our Publisher, Sellers Publishing.  They had been planning to add  electronic versions for all of their books, but knew it was going to take some time.  However, at the request of readers like you?  They made it happen in just weeks instead of the months they had originally planned.

Every day someone asks if Mom, Incorporated is available on Kindle.  Until now, I had to smile and say, “it is coming soon….”  But now, a simple ‘yes’ takes care of the whole thing.

We know so many of you are on the go – and we are delighted to now offer the ease of being able to take Mom, Incorporated with you as you plan the beginnings of your new business!

Get the Kindle version of Mom, Incorporated!

Mom Incorporated Live Online Event, Monday October 24th 9pm EST

We’re on the road.  The ‘Mom, Incorporated’ Book Tour has started and it is amazing and fabulous and wonderful.

And also impossible – because we cannot be everywhere.  And even as we touch down in YOUR city, sometimes the schedule doesn’t work.  And we get it.  Because this whole thing?  This work-life juggle?  It is JUST THAT….a juggle.

So, we have a solution – since we really want to connect with as many of you as possible.

As part of our Mom, Incorporated Book Tour – we are hosting a Live Online Event.  This Monday, October 24th.  9pm EST.

You’ll be able to find us right here.  We are coming to you.  To your computer.  To your living room.  To your kitchen.

Writing this book was just the beginning of this conversation.  Meeting amazing women in South Florida, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago (where we are right now) and the West Coast next week…. it is all a portion of our journey.

There is more to this “in person Book Tour” and we are extremely excited about it, but we know we can’t hit all of the cities where there are moms we want to meet.

So, until we can….  this is the beginning.

Join us, LIVE.  We want to talk to you, hear from you…..answer your questions and know what you think of Mom, Incorporated!

She’s Mom Incorporated! Rebecca Buscemi, The Savvy Women’s Business Solution

Meet Rebecca Buscemi of The Savvy Women’s Business Solution. She is the host of our book tour in Baltimore on Oct. 7.

Mom Incorporated: Why did you decide to start a virtual assistance business as opposed to something else?
Rebecca: As the country was facing financial difficulty, so was this bedridden, 8-month-pregnant mama. I decided to look into what I could do while at home with my newborn and 2-year-old. I discovered virtual assistance and decided it was a perfect fit for me. I couldn’t bear the thought of returning to work out of the house after I had made the decision more than a year ago to stay at home with my family.

Mom Incorporated: What services specifically do you offer your clients? Which are the services you started with and what services did you offer over time?
Rebecca: When I initially launched my business, I offered virtual assistance to nonprofits, health care and education professionals. The services I offered were basic administrative services. At the time I was launching my initial business, Creative Virtual Office, I was focusing on the areas that I worked in previously. My undergrad was in early childhood administration.

This was the same time that social networking and social media were gaining popularity. I used these social networks to my advantage and solely marketed my business online, because it was free. While networking, I ran across other women that were just like me, mom entrepreneurs. I was becoming more and more involved with this group and was gaining more clients because of my networking and marketing efforts. My business began to evolve to a social media and internet marketing company that also offers virtual business management. I renamed my business The Savvy Women’s Business Solution in February 2010. I now offer less traditional administrative services and more services that focus on marketing and management.

Mom Incorporated: How did you go about finding your first client? How about subsequent clients?
Rebecca: I have found all of my clients through social media sites and word-of-mouth from other clients. Social media has been a very powerful marketing tool for me and also has been free. I have found that by providing relevant information that others want to know about, I am gaining their trust. Many of these people have become clients.

Mom Incorporated: What kinds of costs did you incur setting up your business, if any? What tools, resources, equipment, sites, etc. do you use daily to do your work?
Rebecca: The basic costs to start my business included obtaining my business license, registering my business with the state and joining the International Virtual Assistant Association. I already had all of the basic equipment that I needed, such as a PC, three-in-one printer, fax and scanner. On a daily basis I use Freshbooks to track my time, expenses and to invoice clients; Deskaway for project management; Hootsuite for streamlining and tracking my social media; Sproutsocial for online reputation and brand management; and Google for email and file/document hosting.

Mom Incorporated: Fill in this blank:
Rebecca: If you hate being delegated to, you shouldn’t be a virtual assistant.

Mom Incorporated: Fill in this blank:
Rebecca: If you are good at handling last-minute projects and being a self-starter, you could consider being a virtual assistant.

Rebecca Buscemi of The Savvy Women’s Business Solution is the host of our book tour in Baltimore on Oct. 7.

She’s Mom Incorporated! Meet Mommy Niri

Mommy Niri

Blogger Nirasha Jaganath, who goes by the name of Mommy Niri, is hosting our book tour  at the Melting Pot in Bedford, Mass., on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Join us at 213 Burlington Rd. for a sampling of complimentary cheese and chocolate fondues. 

We asked Mommy Niri to give us the scoop on her blogging adventures:

Mom Incorporated: What made you start Mommy Niri — what’s your vision?
Niri: It was on a whim, or more like a bet my husband had since I was dying for a Flip camera and he was insistent that it was unnecessary (and had a valid point with an expensive one collecting dust in the cupboard). He tried to strike a deal that I start a blog for the camera. Once that suggestion was vetoed on the basis of “no one tells me what to do!” I bought the camera and then decided to blog. It was basically my lazy idea of scrapbooking.

I once wrote a post on “What not to say to a SAHM” and was shocked that I actually had readers. Now I feel it is an incentive for me to keep up with the latest and greatest. I am incredibly humbled by my readers and feel it my obligation to make sure I honor their time.

Mom Incorporated: What keeps you going?
Niri:  Seeing the influence [of the blog] and the power to make a difference is overwhelming and thrilling at the same time. When I spoke about my daughter’s autism, I was surprised by the response. Even reviews seem to impact readers; as they trust my opinion, which makes it more vital to me to be honest. Launching Mommy Niri Cares helped me focus on using social influence for social good.

Mom Incorporated: How did your blog expand into speaking engagements?
Niri: That was a coincidence. Being invited to be a speaker in 2009, I realized that peers feel more connected, and several bloggers are looking for mentors. It is a very a humbling experience for someone to come up to you face-to-face and praise you. Sharing in this sphere is also something that you realize makes us grow as a community.

Mom Incorporated: What are the biggest challenges of being a blogger, and how do you overcome them?
Niri: The biggest challenge is trying to grow a thick skin — and I have not yet been able to. Whether it be from readers or peers or brands that do something to irk you, and you want not to feel. It is then that I realize feeling is exactly what we need. Because feeling is part of the process and journey, and taking everyone with us in this journey through our writing. If we want positive thoughts and actions, it starts with us.

Mom Incorporated: What are the most enjoyable parts of what you do?
Niri: Truthfully, any blogging activity I get to do with my family is the best. Sharing my world with my family and opening their world to new avenues make it all worth it.

Mom Incorporated: Do you want to monetize your blog?
Niri: Yes and no. While I do earn through some campaigns, I look at that as ways to be part of what is going on in the community. My aim is to write for my readers and build my own brand. If that opens doors to opportunities, financed or otherwise, I would certainly be ready to take a look.

Mom Incorporated: What advice do you have for would-be bloggers?
Niri: Just do it. You will make mistakes, compromises, etc. But do it,  and own it. It does not matter how long you have been doing it but how well you do it. Don’t ever assume that it is a fast and easy way to land gigs. Like everywhere else, hard work and good work ethics will rule the day.

Nirasha Jaganath, popularly known as blogger Mommy Niri, will serve as host of our book tour  at the Melting Pot, 213 Burlington Rd. in Bedford, Mass., on Wednesday, Oct. 5.