Mom Incorporated donates to Operation Shower

We have told you how incredibly proud we are of Mom, Incorporated.  Even more so when we are able to use this book to accomplish something good.

It has been a beautiful experience to hear how women have been moved by something within the 192 pages…. to start something of their very own, to push past a current challenge, to make it through the ‘hard stuff’ like accounting and business licensing – or even, to embrace the idea of a family/business juggle, instead of that elusive balance.

But for us – the notion that Mom, Incorporatedcan go even beyond that to ‘give back’ is even more special.  In November, on one specific day, we committed a portion of all sales of our book on Amazon to an organization we both

First Lady, Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart and Dr. Jill Biden at Operation Shower at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina

find inspiring: Operation Shower.  You buy Mom, Incorporated, we donate to Operation Shower.

Operation Shower provides beautiful baby showers for military moms-to-be who have husbands serving overseas.  This amazing non-profit is based in St. Louis as I am, so I am delighted to say, I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for the past few years.  Their showers have grown from ‘showers-in-a-box’ delivered to the new mom to full scale events held on military bases all over the country.  I most recently attended one late this summer at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina attended by a few dozen expectant Marine Corps wives, as well as the First Lady, Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden and Martha Stewart.  The gratitude on the faces of these new moms as they were gifted their ‘showers in a box’ and ‘showered’ with love was beyond compare.

With Aliza’s dad being former military – the decision to support Operation Shower was an easy one.  We both feel strongly about the good they are doing on a daily basis.

Aliza and I are thrilled to announce, based on your purchases of our book that special day in November, we will be giving Operation Shower a check for $400.

Thank you for supporting us, for supporting Mom, Incorporated and for supporting Operation Shower.  We are so very grateful.

Buy Mom, Incorporated TODAY on Amazon to benefit Operation Shower

“Give Good, Get Good” isn’t just a professional motto for me – it is how I choose to live.  And Aliza lives much the same way.  For us, so much about writing this book was about helping Moms to live out their passions, generate income for their families AND still feel complete in their role as a mother.So, it was natural for us to figure out a way Mom, Incorporated might give in additional ways.  And, by jove….we landed on the perfect idea for us.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden & Martha Stewart at Operation Shower in North Carolina

Today, on November 1st, we will donate one dollar ($1) to Operation Shower  for every book purchased via Amazon. Operation Shower is an organization that supports military families by providing joyful baby showers for military moms who have husbands serving overseas, thereby easing the burden of deployment.  Since 2007, Operation Shower has grown from a few boxes delivered to individual moms to full-blown showers on military bases around the country for hundreds of moms-to-be. Danielle has been working with Operation Shower for more than three years now. Most recently, emceeing a Shower at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina that was attended by First Lady, Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden and Martha Stewart. And Aliza? Well, her dad is former military, so this is a cause that is extremely important to us.Won’t you help us spread the word?If you are so inclined…. will you tell a friend, share a tweet or even buy a copy of Mom, Incorporated for a Mom you know?Sample Tweets

  • Today is the day: Purchase @momincbook on @Amazon & $1 from each sale will go to @operationshower
  • Today all purchases of @momincbook benefit our military via @operationshower $1 from each book will be donated! 
  • Help @momincbook support the military: $1 from each book purchased today 11/1 will benefit @OperationShower

Thank you, for the love and support you have shown us as we have spread the word about Mom, Incorporated and our love of moms in business.

Mom, Incorporated Is Available on Kindle

The answer is YES….as in ‘YES’, Mom, Incorporated is now available on Kindle.

We’ve been waiting and are thrilled to announce that today is the day.

The move to add the electronic version of our book was expedited after we made the request to our Publisher, Sellers Publishing.  They had been planning to add  electronic versions for all of their books, but knew it was going to take some time.  However, at the request of readers like you?  They made it happen in just weeks instead of the months they had originally planned.

Every day someone asks if Mom, Incorporated is available on Kindle.  Until now, I had to smile and say, “it is coming soon….”  But now, a simple ‘yes’ takes care of the whole thing.

We know so many of you are on the go – and we are delighted to now offer the ease of being able to take Mom, Incorporated with you as you plan the beginnings of your new business!

Get the Kindle version of Mom, Incorporated!

Mom Incorporated Live Online Event, Monday October 24th 9pm EST

We’re on the road.  The ‘Mom, Incorporated’ Book Tour has started and it is amazing and fabulous and wonderful.

And also impossible – because we cannot be everywhere.  And even as we touch down in YOUR city, sometimes the schedule doesn’t work.  And we get it.  Because this whole thing?  This work-life juggle?  It is JUST THAT….a juggle.

So, we have a solution – since we really want to connect with as many of you as possible.

As part of our Mom, Incorporated Book Tour – we are hosting a Live Online Event.  This Monday, October 24th.  9pm EST.

You’ll be able to find us right here.  We are coming to you.  To your computer.  To your living room.  To your kitchen.

Writing this book was just the beginning of this conversation.  Meeting amazing women in South Florida, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago (where we are right now) and the West Coast next week…. it is all a portion of our journey.

There is more to this “in person Book Tour” and we are extremely excited about it, but we know we can’t hit all of the cities where there are moms we want to meet.

So, until we can….  this is the beginning.

Join us, LIVE.  We want to talk to you, hear from you…..answer your questions and know what you think of Mom, Incorporated!

Mom, Incorporated is a ‘Hot New Release’

This is a milestone for us.

“Mom, Incorporated” is not only on the “Hot New Release” list for Women in Business, but look at this…. we were giddy to see it as number 4!  This past week, as our book moved from ‘pre-sale’ to actually ‘for sale’ on Amazon, we watched in awe as the numbers dropped from nine copies available to six, to three, to an amazing “This Book is SOLD OUT”!

While it did feel a touch surreal, it is, naturally, re-stocked and we are back-to-reality and just thrilled to be here….getting ready to kick off our book tour.  We are starting this Saturday in South Florida and then will begin our move up the East Coast.  We will be joined in Florida and Atlanta by our good friend, Heather Solos – and we certainly hope to see YOU there.

We would be remiss if we didn’t *also* share that we broke the Top 20 Best Selling Women in Business books as well and are hoping to see ‘Mom, Incorporated’ continue to inch its way towards the #1….and hey….wouldn’t it be fun to see it rank in business books too, not just women in business?