The “Balance” Between Work and Life

excerpted from the book, Mom, Incorporated

We’ve talked about time issues and money issues in our book, but what about those elusive “balance” issues? Right now, you might be waiting for us to swing down from the heavens with the SECRET to Work/Life Balance. So here it is . . .

 Our Balance (READ: PEACEFUL) Wisdom:

There is no such thing as perfect balance – and the sooner you embrace that fact, the more balanced you will feel.

Some days, some hours, some minutes, you will be a STELLAR Mom. And other days, hours and minutes, you will EXCEL as a Business Owner. You will rarely, if ever, be extraordinary at both at the very same time. Why? It is impossible to read your child her favorite story, help with homework, or cheer at a soccer game at the same time as you are answering a client call, responding to an e-mail, or writing a press release. Something has got to give.

 And, THAT IS OK. Say it with us: THAT IS OK. Continue reading