She’s Mom, Incorporated: Catriona Wallis Follow Up

Great news! One of our featured Mom Entrepreneurs Catriona Wallis’ has now launched her game Dodo Ladder Chase on the App Store for iPad, globally!

You may remember the interview back in October 2013 with Wallis, founder and CEO of Colto. At that stage of her game development, she was crowd funding for her App, the language learning game for preschoolers called Dodo Ladder Chase. You can find the original article at She’s Mom, Incorporated: Catriona Wallis.

Wallis describes how the App begins with a video telling the story:

About an evil Dodo bird set in an adventure world of floating islands and ladders. The player goes on a mission to chase the Dodo up the ladders and encounters obstacles such as evil flowers, creepy spiders and mini word tasks which have to be solved. The points and collectible coins kids win in the game capture their attention and keep them playing and learning new words.

The interactive game introduces toddlers to English letters of the alphabet and their pronunciation as well as new words and their meaning and pronunciation and the spelling of simple words.

Find Dodo Ladder Chase on the App Store for iPad here: Dodo Ladder Chase 3

You can also learn more about Colto on their website

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