Roundup: Best Advice for Mom Entrepreneurs from Mom Entrepreneurs

Ring in the new year with some advice from successful mom entrepreneurs.  We rounded up the top quotes from 2013 from our Moms with a Biz series. There’s bound to be a few nuggets of wisdom you can use to help boost your motivation for 2014.


Dena Mendelsohn, Right Hand Woman

“Make sure you know all your financial obligations and are true to yourself about why you want to start a business. If it’s to spend more time with your family, explore the realities of how much time starting your own business will take. The worst thing is to launch a business and then realize that you either can’t afford the adventure or that you’re not getting the time or flexibility to be with your family that you were seeking.”


Jackie Ekholm, Moo Chocolates

“Pick a business that you can fit into your lifestyle. Be realistic about the amount of time, energy and resources you will need to start a business and really figure out if you have the help and support that you will need. Do something you LOVE!  Hopefully that one should be the easiest!”





Kim Gellman, Artistic Sensations

“If you are passionate about a concept, do some research and see what competition is out there and their approach. Then take your own spin on it and go for it. Find a need and fill it. Where there is passion, success follows.”





Martina Delaney and Suzanne Browne, Clevamama.

“Follow your instinct. Once you have the idea, the rest is down to hard work and determination. It is important to know your market and know whom you are selling to. But most importantly, don’t get discouraged by obstacles, embrace them as a learning experience.”





Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus Blog

“Chose your name and URL carefully and make sure it is immediately clear to others what your blog is about.  Develop your favorite three social media platforms to go hand in hand with your blog right from the start.  Be consistent in publishing.  Find a few blogging buddies so you can all work together to promote each other and answer each other’s questions.  Have fun and don’t give up!”



Kelly Axetll, Creations by Kelly

“Give yourself the permission of time.  I think our culture has such a sense of immediacy to it that we think it should even apply to something we are trying for the first time.  You have to keep working on it.”





Katie Wallace, Yummi Pouch

“The best advice I’ve received lately is to embrace contentment. I’ve realized there is always more that “can be done” and I have been working on doing my best with the time I am given and finding that to be enough.”






Sonal Gerten, Tumblewalla

“Seek out the support and and camaraderie of other women entrepreneurs who are experiencing similar challenges and fears – you are not alone!  It’s easy to get so focused on the day to day that sometimes we forget the power of personal connections and relationships.”




Zoe Kardasis Sturtz, Edit Design Build Studio

“Successful people leverage their resources. You have friends, colleagues, and neighbors, people who want you to succeed. Tell them what you are doing, ask them for advice, pick peoples brains, build relationships – real relationships – those are the people who will be there for you as you grow. They will be happy to help you and proud to talk about your venture. I still believe, even in the age of endless social media, that the people you know personally can be your best assets.”



Dee Wanger, Ridekick International

“Don’t be afraid to ask for money – for capital, for product, for your time.  Network, network, network.”






What advice would you add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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