Who are you? Why Small Businesses Need Branding, Too!

A guest post by Cindi Schultz, CEO & Founder of two companies: Foothold Services, “Cleaning up content messes for clients worldwide since 2004,” and My Foothold, “Inspiration for women who want to take charge and improve their lives.”


I don’t have to give you anything but the names of these brands – and you can picture them. You probably have a reaction to them too (warmth, cold, anger, desire). That’s because their brands are so well styled and maintained they don’t need an introduction. Their revenues prove it. Continue reading

She’s Mom, Incorporated: Kim Gellman, Artistic Sensations

Kim Gellman is the entrepreneurial mom behind Artistic Sensations, a kids room design boutique for made-to-order products allowing customers to choose colors, furniture style and theme to fit any personality. She started the company when she was pregnant with her first son and is now celebrating it’s seventeenth year of business!

MomIncorporated: How did Artistic Sensations get started and how has it grown since inception?
I started my business in 1996 when I was pregnant with my first son out of wanting to find American, hand made, high quality products. I started out of my basement selling baby blankets, step stools and small hand-painted furniture items. I went to local shows at hospitals, country clubs, and mom’s homes selling my wares. My customers wanted more items. If they bought a step stool, they wanted artwork and bedding to match and so my business grew from 100 items to 500 in a short time. I decided to launch a website later that year. The following year I added another 500 items in bedding, bunk beds and more artwork and items for my customers from floor to ceiling.  We continued to add and now have over 4,000 items. Continue reading

Five Guidelines for Productive and Happy Work-at-Home-Moms

By Allison Rice

More and more studies are emerging regarding the best way to incentivize employees to make them more productive and happy. From rewards and recognition programs to bonuses and perks involving both time and money, the simple truth is that the more motivated we are, the harder we work.

And who exemplifies self-motivation and hard work better than female entrepreneurs and professionals who are also work-at-home mothers? Whether you are blessed with a career that allows flexibility to work from home or are just starting your own business, there are certain principles to observe if you want to conquer the dual arenas of “work life” and “home life.” Here are five fundamental doctrines of the most productive and happy professional moms who work from home. Continue reading

She’s Mom, Incorporated: Moorea Malatt, Genius: A Baby Academy

Moorea Malatt is the Founder and Creative Director of Genius: A Baby Academy, an early education program geared toward newborn to 4-year-old children with classes in world language, sign language, gym and sensory exploration. Also a life coach, a parent coach, and a published singer/songwriter, Moorea founded Genius out of her home when her daughter, Iris, was just 22 months old. A few months later, she landed a prime storefront location in Seattle, Washington. Though Genius’ curriculum is currently only offered in Seattle, Moorea is planning to release online workshops for purchase by Fall, 2013.  

Moorea is also a parent coach in the areas of potty, early potty, gentle discipline and sleep challenges over at Savvy Parenting SupportContinue reading