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Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines

Are you a mom entrepreneur with advice to share or an expert on starting a business? Share your expertise, advice and tips with the Mom, Incorporated community by submitting a guest post for our blog.

The Mom, Incorporated community is made up of women who have or want to start and grow a business from home with a baby or small children in their midst. We are geared toward mom entrepreneurs and small business owners, or those considering starting their own business, who could benefit from personal stories and advice about home-based businesses and the work/life juggle.

Guest blog posts should meet the following guidelines:

Topics: Guest posts must be useful to the audience of this blog. Posts should provide business-oriented value, be informative and educational. Feel free to run an idea by us before submitting if you like. Some topic ideas include:

  • Exploring Entrepreneurship (what to consider)
  • Strategies for starting, building or expanding a business
  • Marketing (Social media and traditional)
  • Money Matters (Financing, funding, budgets, taxes, legal issues)
  • Tools & Systems (technology, apps, etc.)
  • Work/Life Juggle

Republishing: We are fine republishing your work that has appeared elsewhere. This includes photographs. Guest posts must be written by you. By submitting a guest post, you are giving us permission to publish on the MomIncorporated blog and mention in social media. You agree that the post will remain in our archive indefinitely or until we decide to remove it.

Length: Guest blog posts should fall between 500 and 750 words. Shorter posts are fine if they can contain 3 or more photographs.

Language and format: All guest posts must be well written, grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. We may do minor edits for clarity or length.

No self-promotional content: The post must not include marketing-related links, affiliate links or excessive links to your own sites, but should include links to any resources or tools that are specifically mentioned.

Author bio: At the end of the post include a short a 2-3 sentence bio that may have 1-2 links to the author’s website, blog or twitter handle. If you are submitting photos, please include photo credits.


By submitting a guest post, you agree:

  • To allow Mom, Incorporated to publish your blog posts in part or in whole at their sole discretion.
  • To allow Mom, Incorporated to edit your blog post for length, content, grammar, or readability. If a post is edited significantly, we will sent back to you for approval.
  • To promote the post to your community on social media and/ or your newsletter.
  • To be available to respond or reply to all comments on related to your post and to respond appropriately.
  • Guest post submission is not a guarantee of publication.
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