Stop striving for balance: It’s a JUGGLE

(excerpted from the book Mom, Incorporated)

We’ve talked about time issues and money issues, but what about those elusive “balance” issues? Right now, you might be waiting for us to swing down from the heavens with the
SECRET to Work/Life Balance.

So here it is . . .

There is no such thing as perfect balance –
and the sooner you embrace that fact,
the more “balanced” you will feel.

Danielle on Balance:

For the longest time, the word “balance” felt like a bad word to me. I was certain
there was a secret handshake — a code word even — that allowed only the most
special of mothers into the mythical world of balance. I was certain if I could just
be strong enough, smart enough, organized enough, I would crack the code. But it
wasn’t happening. And the only success I saw was the successful failure to balance
my work and home lives. Until one day it hit me: Balance is impossible. Continue reading

3 Tips to Optimize Your Inbox and ROCK Your Business

Another guest post from the amazing Stephanie Lee. You can read her first post 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

I love ease. I want my life to be as easy as possible. I mean, we’re busy, us humans. We work either outside or inside the home, we have busy families (hello 3 year old!), busy spouses, busy households, just lots of stuff to do (and still to do, and (sigh) still to do)… and the list goes on. Nothing new, all moms are busy, life is busy. Except for me, I like to think that I’ve got a secret weapon, especially when it comes to my work-at-home business:

Gmail. Continue reading